Cumberland/Prospect NESB Service Access Project

What is the Cumberland Prospect Region NESB Access Project (RAP)

The Cumberland Prospect Region NESB Access Project (RAP) is an Industry Development Project of the Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association of NSW (MDAA). It is funded by the Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care (DADHC) with the aim of building Cumberland Prospect disability service providers capacity to respond to the cultural, linguistic and religious diversity of people in their region. The project focuses on identifying where each local disability service provider is up to regarding their ability to engage and work with the diversity in their local community.

What does the RAP do?

The RAP provides support to local disability service providers to identify best ways of working with the cultural, religious and linguistic diversity of their community. It can support agencies to identify their strengths and what they are doing well, and also addressing any areas of weakness. The RAP assists local services to meet real community needs. The emphasis is on tailoring support to services in whatever ways are needed. This may include:
  • Identifying an organisation’s current ability to provide culturally competent services and programs
  • developing and implementing strategies to build an organisation’s capacity to work with the cultural, linguistic and religious diversity of its community
  • developing and implementing strategies to build a culturally competent workforce, and
  • reflecting on how our own cultural values and beliefs impact on our interactions with the people we provide services to and work with
One of the keys to the RAP’s success is the use of an access and equity/cultural competency audit. This enables participating services to work systematically through their current policies and practices as well as identifying important opportunities for working more constructively with community and cultural diversity.

Which services are eligible to receive support from the RAP?

If you are a disability service provider and funded by DADHC to provide services in the Cumberland Prospect region, and want to improve your service delivery to better meet the needs of your community, then you are eligible to receive support through the RAP.

Are there any costs involved?

The services, support and training provided through the RAP are free to Disability Service Providers in the Cumberland Prospect.

More Information?

Maria Katrivesis RAP Consultant Mob: 0421 0465 66 E-mail: